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If I have questions, how can I contact you?

We can be reached on Facebook at @partyinyouryardhuntsville. We can always be reached by email at or you can call us at 936.661.6760.

Is it possible to do a custom (other than what is offered)?


Yes it is possible, but it requires some planning ahead of time to get it done. Please email or call us to discuss details further and we will do our very best to accomodate you!

How much notice do you need?


Our signs are very popular so the more advance notice you can give us, the better. Typically we see reservations a week or more in advance. Same day deliveries need to be reserved in our system no later than 12:00pm - contact us for more information.


What is the process to order?


It's actually really simple!

If you go to the page "Start Here", you can view the packages and choose which one you want. Once you decide, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and click submit. We will then send you an invoice from Paypal, you submit your payment - and you're DONE!

What areas do you deliver to?


We primarily serve the Huntsville/New Waverly areas, but we can also deliver outside those areas for an additional mileage charge - Contact us for more information.

Is someone required to meet us upon delivery arrival?


No. We deliver at night (unless otherwise specified) so if there are any concerns with safety or security, you may want to alert some of your neighbors to let them know we are coming.

Are there restrictions about where I can place your signs?


We will not install your sign too close to roads, sidewalks, or other public areas that could potentially put drivers, pedestrians, and our signs at risk. We also respect all local easements and right-of-ways when considering placement.

Do I have a say in where the sign will be placed?


Absolutely! At check-out, please indicate and describe your ideal spot in the special instructions section. A picture of the house location would also help. Keep the directions simple (for example: "when facing house, put to the left of driveway," "put to the right of mailbox," "put in the middle of lawn," etc). Keep in mind that we may be making the delivery in the dark or at dusk so directions are a BIG help! If the special instructions section is left blank, we will use our very best judgement based on experience.


Is weather a factor for you?


Our signs are weatherproof and can withstand the rain we encounter a lot here in East Texas. The only thing that can be a factor is a really strong wind - we will navigate those issues with you on an individual basis as the need arises.

Will the signs cause any damage to my yard?


No. They are staked to the ground so they should not cause any damage. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, please indicate its location in the special instructions section on the form so we know how and where to take extra special care.


Can your sign be moved once it is installed?


We ask that you please not move your sign once it has been installed. If you would like it set-up in a different part of the yard, call us and we will be happy to assist you. Please note that a new delivery fee will apply in this instance so be certain when you complete your form about where you want it to be placed in your yard.

What methods of payment do you accept?


We currently accept credit card payments through Paypal, cash, and checks. The quickest and easiest way to reserve your space is through the website with your credit card.

Am I liable for the Party In Your Yard signs during the rental?


You are not liable for normal "wear and tear" that occurs on our signs (since they are outside ALL THE TIME), but there are other situations we want to make you aware of. Please read our Terms of Service agreement for further information pertaining to anything regarding this matter.


Do you have a Privacy Policy?


Yes we do. Click here to view it

Do you have Terms of Agreement?


Yes we do. Click here it view it

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